Tell Your Side Of The Story When Facing Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence carries a special stigma in our society, which can cause a world of problems for anyone who is accused of committing actions that might be construed as violence against a spouse, romantic partner or another family member. Because of that stigma, law enforcement officers are often inclined to make an arrest even when there is no evidence that violence has occurred. Once an accusation has been made, it can be difficult to tell your side of the story without a lawyer's help.

Attorney James E. Toland, Jr. recognizes that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, and he is proud to help every defendant get his or her day in court. It may be possible to demonstrate that you have been unfairly charged and to have the charges against you dropped. And even in cases where violence undeniably did break out between you and a loved one, Mr. Toland will work to make sure that the consequences you face are proportionate to the offense. In many cases, that may mean seeking reduced charges or a reduced sentence.

In every situation, Mr. Toland will help you maintain access to your home and your children. A disagreement between you and a loved one should not deprive you of your home.

Learn The Full Range Of Your Options

Domestic violence can take many forms, from overt assault and battery to other unwanted behavior such as threats of violence and stalking. Mr. Toland has extensive experience with these charges and others, and he will work with you to design a strategy based on the needs of your specific situation.

The sooner you contact Mr. Toland, the more options you will have. For instance, Georgia offers a pretrial diversion program for first-time offenders. In some cases, it is also possible to take an anger management course or perform community service in lieu of jail time or other harsher sentencing options.

Serious Charges Deserve A Serious Defense

Domestic violence charges can be intimidating, but they can be managed with an appropriate legal response. Call attorney James E. Toland, Jr. to learn more about your options. To schedule an initial consultation in Mr. Toland's Dalton office, just call 706-229-6598 or contact the office by email.